About Us

Claritas Tax was established with five simple principles:

  1. Professional advice should add value and be presented with clear conclusions and recommendations to enable you, the client, to make decisions. This is reflected in our name, Claritas.
  2. Tax advice should assist you to achieve your commercial or personal objectives rather than determining what those objectives should be.
  3. Advice should be given by professionals with the practical and commercial experience to work with you in partnership. The director that you deal with will be with you, as part of your team, throughout the assignment. We do not believe that the director’s role is to simply agree fees and sell additional services before entrusting your business and your interests to junior staff.
  4. The team who advise you should understand you and your business. The days of tax advisers selling tax products or schemes are over. In order to win your trust and to add value, we will spend time getting to know you and your business thoroughly. Our commitment to excellent client service means that this is a key part of our investment in all of our clients.
  5. Finally, tax advice should also represent good value for money. Our policy is to agree our fees with you in advance of doing any work and to stick to that agreement. This reflects our belief that it is outrageous to demand additional fees to compensate for the inefficiency or incompetence of your accountant.

The services that we offer are outlined on this website and we look forward to getting to know you and your business.