The Claritas graduate scheme

The Claritas graduate scheme focusses on providing both support and flexibility to every student who joins the scheme. Graduates will be given client projects from week one, but will be provided with the support and flexibility necessary to balance this with their studies.


Buddy system - From day one at Claritas, you will be paired with a graduate to help you through the first steps of your new career. As they will have recently been through the same scheme as you, your buddy will be able to give you first hand advice on your work and study.

Coffee shop catch-ups - Sometimes asking to talk to someone in an office can feel a little daunting. That's why, at Claritas, we have created coffee shop catch-ups. If you feel like you need to chat to your graduate buddy about something, but don't feel like you want to in an office environment, you can head out to a local coffee shop to have a more relaxed chat. In doing so, this ensures that no one keeps questions or issues bottled up and you can continue to work at your best.

Tax Technical Sessions - To keep everyone updated with the ever-evolving tax legislation, Claritas holds monthly tax techincal sessions. Here, senior members will often present and discuss topics that have recently changed, allowing everyone to gain an understanding of the new legislation. Additionally, Claritas also holds junior tax technical sessions shortly after each monthly technical session. Here, a junior manager will walk the graduates through the topics discussed, often stripping the topic back to basics so that the graduates can gain a fuller understanding of each topic. These junior sessions are currently being led by Adam Keates, who previously qualified as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser at PwC.

Study support - On the Claritas graduate scheme, all recommended study days are given to every graduate on top of their holiday. Larger firms often reduce the number of study days for their graduates so that they have to carry out this revision and work in their own time, but that isn't the case at Claritas. ACA modules can be either studied at home or classroom taught, but Claritas actively encourage every graduate to attend the classroom based teaching, to ensure the best-quality of learning available. Revision days that are available for the professional and advanced stages are also given to all graduates.

Socials - At Claritas, we make sure that there is a healthy work-life balance. Monthly socials are organised by our current social lead, Elliott Morrell, to ensure that everyone at the firm is rewarded for the hard work that is always put in, whether that is on client projects or study. These have already ranged from escape rooms to Digbeth's renowned Ghetto Golf, with many more to come.


Being a small, tight-knit firm, each graduate has their studying and workflow tailored around their own schedules. This is unlike many larger firms where all modules and exams are pre-booked in advance, with students having little say in the order or timings of their modules and exams. Here at Claritas this is done differently.

Graduates are guided as to when they need to complete each level, however all modules and exams can be booked flexibly to suit both the firm's and the graduate's needs within this timeframe. This means that if a student feels like they need more time to revise for an exam, then they can simply move their exam to facilitate this.