Bladon Jets Ltd

“Claritas worked closely with our engineers to document the complex technological developments and presented them in a format designed to make it as easy as possible for HMRC to understand and approve the claim.  Since Claritas have been engaged, we have received in excess of £1.1 million in R&D tax credits.  We are very grateful to Claritas for this advice and support in securing such a massive cash injection. The funds received have been reinvested in our research and development, enabling us to refine the turbines and the production processes ready for full scale manufacture.”

Stephen Asbury MBA, Company Director

"Iain Wright of Claritas advised me and a minority share holder on the tax implications of the sale of Corporate Risk Systems Limited in spring 2014.  We found his advice on taxable capital gains that qualify for Entrepreneur’s Relief most helpful, and it helped us to save tax I am certain.  Iain’s advice on dividending-out non-trading assets was timely, and met with the approval of the insurance broker which acquired us. I am extremely grateful to Iain and his team at Claritas for making the complex seem simpler, and as a result, the sale was completed highly-successfully.  I recommend Claritas tax advice without any hesitation whatsoever."